Video Intercoms


How It Works:

Video intercoms use cameras and audio systems to enable two-way communication.
Visual verification helps in identifying and granting access to visitors.
Integration with access control systems and smart technologies enhances overall security and convenience.
Some systems offer remote access management, visitor log recording, and mobile app integration for a comprehensive solution.

Benefits of a Video Intercom at Your Business:

1. Enhanced Security:

Visual verification and deterrence with visible cameras.
Remote access management and integration with access control systems.

2. Efficient Communication:

Two-way communication for clear interaction.
Real-time updates on visitors for informed decisions.

3. Visitor Management:

Recording and documentation of interactions.
Visitor logs for security audits and tracking.

4. Convenience:

Time-saving entry process for both visitors and employees.
Multifunctional use for monitoring, safety, and deliveries.

5. Integration with Smart Technologies:

Connects with smart building/office systems.
Mobile app integration for remote monitoring and control.