Commercial Security Systems

How can security systems benefit business?

4 out of 10 small businesses are likely to experience a property or general liability claim in the next 10 years.Topping the list for the most common claim is burglary and theft. Break-ins and burglary can have a significant economic impact on your business, and can severely affect your ability to serve your customers.

Commercial security systems can include sensors for smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detection. These features can promptly notify you and emergency services in case of a potential fire or hazardous gas leak, helping to minimize property damage and prevent injuries or fatalities. Professionally installed and monitored security systems can protect a business and also save money on insurance premiums.

Contral Security can design, install, service, and monitor a comprehensive security solution for your business. Contral Security specializes in security systems for a wide range of industries. These include commercial, retail, healthcare, industrial, financial, educational, and assisted living facilities.

Using the latest technology our trained technicians can install a fully integrated security solution that address the challenges you face every day.


Our security systems feature advanced communications solutions for flexibility and reliability. They also feature easy to use keypads and apps so that users can easily control their security systems from their phones and tablets. Our systems also include innovative detectors with superior false alarm immunity and catch performance.

Our security systems allow seamless integration of additional security devices like cameras, smoke detectors and access control to give you an extremely powerful solution within one system.

We understand protecting your facility is an important responsibility.That is why Contral Security also offers same day service and 24 hour service to our commercial clients.

Contral Security offers a comprehensive list of products that include:

Door and window sensors
Panic buttons
Motion sensors
Temperature sensors
Flood detection
Seismic sensors

Additional features include:

Notifications via email and text message
Cellular and network communications
Remote arm and disarm with smartphone
Notification on propped perimeter doors, roof hatches, and high-value areas, even during disarmed periods