Fire Monitoring

Fire monitoring saves lives and property. It’s the most important component in your security program.


We dispatch emergency personnel as soon as a fire alarm signal is received. We also can alert a customized set of personnel within your organization, based on your instructions. This same set of personnel can be alerted to various troubles, conditions advisories and missed
timer tests.

Signals are received on dedicated UL receivers, meeting UL standards for alarm signal traffic management.
We strictly follow NFPA 72 Guidelines for fire accounts ensuring best practices are followed.
Specially trained UL certified operators and support representatives handle UL Fire accounts and comply with the local AHJ.

Call us for more information about UL Certificates.

Fire signals are assigned to operators with specific fire training to respond to commercial fire signals. Only operators who have passed training for UL Fire respond to UL Fire accounts. Fire signals hold the highest priority in our monitoring system, for obvious reasons.