Security Cameras

Video Security Systems track and record all activity, which reduces risk and increases the effectiveness of your facilities security program.

Video Security Systems also protect your business against shoplifting, vandalism, injury claims, harassment claims, and employee theft. It is so important that many insurance companies offer premium discounts for a properly installed Video Security System.


Contral Security has been the leader in commercial Video Security Systems installation and maintenance in New Jersey, Pennsylvania for over 50 years. We will custom design a new Video Security System for you or update an existing security camera installation to meet requirements, priorities and budget. Contral Security’s technicians are trained and certified by many leading security camera manufacturers.

Contral Security offers a wide array of top quality video security products to suit any environment including retail, industrial, commercial, municipal, banking and education.

Our video security products include:

Mega Pixel Cameras
Vandal resistant cameras
Auto tracking cameras
Infrared cameras that see in total darkness
Network cameras
License plate capture cameras
Outdoor wireless camera systems
Explosion proof cameras and housings
Digital Video Recorders
Network Video Recorders
PTZ Cameras
Remote Reporting and Monitoring