Security Alarm Installation, Service Clifton NJ

For over 40 years Contral Security has been providing customized, commercial security alarm installation, and service in Clifton NJ.

Contral Security offers same day security alarm installation and service in Clifton NJ and 24 hour emergency service to our commercial clients. We realize that protecting your facility is a big responsibility, and waiting days for service just to have a subcontracted repairman show up is just not acceptable.

Contral Security provides the following services to businesses in Clifton, New Jersey:

Fire Alarm Systems in Clifton NJ
Burglar Alarm Systems in Clifton NJ
Video Camera Systems (CCTV) in Clifton NJ
Card Access Systems in Clifton NJ
• Video Intercom Systems in Clifton NJ
24/7 Alarm Monitoring in Clifton NJ
24/7 Emergency Service in Clifton NJ
Environmental alarms (water, high/low temperature) in Clifton NJ
• Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Clifton NJ
• Cellular Alarm Backup in Clifton NJ

Contral Security offers customized installation to meet your specific needs. Contral Security’s repair technicians are trained to work on a variety of systems. All of our installations are backed by local, personalized service by Contral Security technicians who are familiar with your system.

Call today at  973-448-7402 and see how Contral Security can put over 40 years of experience to work for you.