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Bosch access control systems

Bosch access control system

Access control systems are important for the security of commercial buildings. Access control systems can also help protect property, employees and their belongings. Access control regulates who has access to, around and within a building. Access control systems have proven to be a highly effective means for easily handling employee safety and turnover. Card access systems eliminate many security risks and costs associated with traditional door locks such as unauthorized duplication of keys, and the need to re key locks. Access control systems are absolutely invaluable during investigations of vandalism or theft, or even for simply tracking the activities of building occupants.
Contral Security has been an installer of access control systems in NJ for over 40 years. Our easy to use systems can handle all applications ranging from small multi door systems to area wide networked access control systems. Our access control systems record every card swipe so you can easily pull reports showing you who entered what door and when. Contral Security’s access control systems allows for complete control over each person in the system. Not only can you define which doors an individual has access to, but layers of restrictions can be applied based on schedules, and other events. Access control systems installed by Contral Security feature the ability to integrate a host of security features such as CCTV integration, video verification and intrusion monitoring without sacrificing simplicity and intuitive control.


  • Intuitive, user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Remote systems management from any location using a standard browser
  • Ability to record and show live videos in conjunction with integrated video devices
  • Preloaded software for easy installation and fast system configuration
  • No dedicated PC required
  • E-mail or SMS Alert for critical events
  • Supports up to 20,480 card holders and 100,000 transactions
  • Classify cardholders based on 254 access groups
  • 255 time schedules, 32 regular and 32 special holidays
  • 8 Alarm Zones and attendance capture

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Bosch Access Easy Control System