Company History

Contral Security Corporation was established in 1972 as a company that provides security systems for the banking industry.  Since then Contral Security has installed security systems, fire alarm systems, video systems and access control systems for hundreds of banks throughout the tri-state area.  Although,  Contral Security still services many of the largest banks in the area, we have been able to utilize our experience, knowledge and techniques that we have developed and mastered over the years in the banking industry and apply them to many other areas.

Whether it be a retail, industrial, financial, or residential environment, Contral Security has the experience and knowledge to design a security system that fits your needs and budget.   We back our  systems with 24 hour monitoring, same day service and 24 hour technical support.  Call today and see how Contral Security can put over 40 years of experience to work for you.  In these trying times, Can your security needs really wait?